German Desk

Our German Desk has German speaking (in particular Rechtsanwälte) colleagues in Germany, supported by Mexican lawyers fluent in German. The members of the German Desk have broad professional experience in their area of specialization.

Our goal is to facilitate legal advice to German clients needing counseling on Mexican law and to Mexican clients that need legal services in German law.

Regarding the Mexican clients, the German Desk provides advice on German law through its “Rechtsanwälte” and facilitates access and contact with first rate firms in Germany and other German speaking countries (Austria and Switzerland). The German Desk allows us to apply our culture of service to German speaking clients and Mexican clients with activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mexico.

Given its salient international experience, Etchegaray Abogados is certified as an authorized legal firm by the Embassy of Germany in Mexico and is the only one with presence in the state of Aguascalientes.

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