What is a Trust?

The Trust is considered one of the most useful legal tools. It provides a solution to a broad range of personal and commercial needs of companies, developers, families, creditors, and others.

Specifically, it is a contract by means of which a person called the Settlor transfers certain assets and/or rights to the fiduciary institution (Trustee) so that it can administer them according to the agreed terms, delivering the benefits from the trust to a third party called the Beneficiary.

It is important to mention that trusts can be created for everything and everyone, the only limit is that the purpose of the trust be lawful and possible, preparing, case by case, a contract that is adjusted to exactly satisfy the needs of each client.


Individual or entity that contributes assets or rights it owns to the trust, establishing conditions of administration and distribution.


Fiduciary Institution that receives such assets or conveyed wealth in the trust property, with the mission of complying with the provisions established by the settlor.


Individual or entity, national or foreign, that receives the benefit of the trust; can be the settlor itself or a third party.

In Etchegaray Abogados, considering the needs we have observed of our clients over the years, to protect their assets, minimize risks, and give guaranteed functionality to their projects, we have chosen to create an institutional entity as an Unregulated Full Service Financial Company [Sociedad Financiera de Objeto MĂșltiple, Entidad no Regulada], through which we selectively provide services to our clients as Trustees in trusts for real estate guarantees, real estate developments, sources of payment and assets guarantees, as each of such services are explained briefly below.

Our trust company is authorized by the CONDUSEF to provide those services, and it complies with the current applicable regulations, for the tranquility of our clients, and thus to be able to provide them full services according to their needs.

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